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Brad is a chiropractor from Australia with several practices across the country.

He came to us with a buggy app and a vision: he wanted a digital solution for health practitioners that would benefit not only the practitioner, but also their clients with things like booking, patient management, exercises, reminders and more.

The Work


We audited the existing infrastructure to see what could be salvaged.

By deep diving into the existing code, we were able to lower costs and shorten development time.


We reimagined the customer experience – and consulted with existing customers and app users to validate the vision.


Built out the app and web platform with strong foundations so an internal tech team could pick up where we left off and continue to scale the product.


Trained and handed off our work to their internal teams, so they could handle updates, developments and future features.



We transformed a basic, buggy booking app into an easy to manage product that customers were excited to use, and smoothly integrated with business systems. Afterwards, we trained the HealthWeave team how to manage and develop it further on their own. Today, HealthWeave serves thousands of customers across the world.

HealthWeave Founder


Founder of HealthWeave

The difference between our first app and the professional product we have now is unrecognizable. We have a product that i’m not only proud of, but that our customers are proud to use

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