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Tangilla was just an idea when it landed in our inbox.

They wanted to create a one-spot hub for all realtor association tools, infrastructure, and data management. With hundreds of realtor associations across the United States, they saw an untapped market with a lot of problems they knew they could solve. They brought us in to fast track design and development, work through the challenges, and turn their insights into features.

The Work


We brought their vision to life through wireframes, user journeys, and interactive interface designs – so we could move forward to development.


We created and implemented design system that allowed faster feature development and consistent UI, since the code that implements the design system is reusable


We built out a design ready code base, and prototype build for their first client, so their internal team could then take over.

Tangilla Typography


We built out their prototype in less than 4 months. Their whole goal was to get their first client so they could reinvest and develop the product further and they landed their first client shortly after releasing the product. Today, Tangilla has exploded in the modern Real Estate market and is a household name among realtors. 

Phil Kells

Phil Kells

Founder of Tangilla

Dazlab was a great sounding board for our idea. They understood exactly what we were building and then delivered a product beyond all technical expectations.

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