A Guide To Avoid Spaghetti Code In Custom Software Development

Maintain a consistent style

Consistency is one of the hallmarks of good code. When you can maintain consistency, you’ll drastically boost predictability.

 Avoid shortcuts (or at least record these as tech debt to fix)

Shortcuts are tempting because they can save you time and money, but this happens at a cost. You should avoid: – Duplicating code.  – Not running tests.  – Failing to manage or measure code complexity.  – Not creating a style guide.  – Overlooking code design. Explanations in our full article.

Write comments

Commenting i’s one of the best ways to ensure greater accessibility and easier maintenance. The most important type of comment explains why a piece of code exists or the function it serves. Regardless of the purpose, the objective of any comment is to be as clear and concise as possible.

Use a linter or code quality framework/code reviews from the start

There are plenty of frameworks and tools you can implement before you even start coding that can help make sure you never encounter unnecessary issues.

Use best practices

• Create a software requirements specification document (SRSD) to act as a rubric for the development process • Write unit tests before you write code, which can help reduce bugs and other issues • Use an issue tracker or bug tracker to catch all the little red flags that can build up • Do code reviews to ensure everything is set up correctly

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