How to Build a Successful Roadmap for your Mobile Web App

Know the primary “why” behind your product

Your “why” is your North Star. It aligns every player, whether they’re your internal team, your partners, or other stakeholders. Think about it: if you don’t understand why customers will be willing to pay for your product, how can you be sure you’ll succeed at all?

Know the audience for the mobile web application roadmap

I’ve seen this too many times to count: an innovator has a brilliant new app idea. They hit the ground running, all pistols firing—they’re so confident that they’ll succeed that they don’t take the time to do market research or validate their idea. Guess what happens? They flop. Turns out that just because you think your idea is amazing, that doesn’t mean that the market will agree with you.

Pinpoint the app’s key features and precise functions

Which ones will be released first, and what are your rough timelines for making that happen?  Knowing the order of releases allows other business departments to plan accordingly.

Create a comprehensive set of measures to gauge advancement

You know the old saying, “KPIs are the spice of life.”

Decide on the tools needed to create the roadmap and the format you’ll use

Here are a few of the top road mapping tools for mobile app development: • Product Plan • Roadmunk • Aha!

Update the data on the roadmap

It’s non-negotiable to keep your roadmap updated with every single item that gets done, otherwise, you’re kind of defeating the purpose of having the roadmap to begin with. Another consideration is to keep an eye on the amount and nature of the info you’re including. Data that are too specific or irrelevant may overwhelm your team.

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