Think Before You Develop: Questions to Consider Before Creating an App

Will creating an app be profitable for your business?

Can a customer make a purchase directly through your app, or is it more of a support tool to build relationships and nurture them toward a purchase?  If it’s the latter, what are all the steps (and the timeline) between using the app and becoming a paying customer? Avoid the money pit.

Who are your competitors?

Ask yourself: why would customers choose me over my competitors? What’s my unique selling point (USP)? To dig even deeper, refer to the full post below for guide questions to make your answer data-driven.

Does your app have a market?

If there’s no established market, you have the fun task of creating one. This will have a whole new set of implications for your communications and marketing department, so make sure to get them involved early.

How does your app solve a problem?

When you know exactly what problem you’re helping your audience solve, you’re in a better position to “reverse engineer” the app itself to ensure you’re solving that problem in the most intuitive, appealing, and engaging way.

Who will use your app?

The more you understand about your target audience, the more knowledge you have to make strategic, effective business decisions.

Do you have enough time for designing, testing, and building?

We all want our new app to be on the market as soon as possible. After all, time is money. But do yourself a favor: don’t rush the process. A rushing scenario sets the stage for all sorts of red flags, like taking shortcuts, overlooking critical pieces, and putting out a first version that frankly sucks.

Do you have enough money for the post-launch journey?

Don’t burn all your resources on the initial round of development. This is just one part of a bigger, longer process.

Should you build it in-house or hire an app development company?

When to build in-house: • You already have an in-house team • You're willing and capable of investing in building one If neither of these applies,  consider hiring a  web app development company. They  can ensure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, giving you access to a well-rounded team of experts who are dedicated to getting the job done right (the first time).

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