When You Should Consider a ‘No-Code’ Solution for Your MVP

Validate your solution

No code allows you to get a product up and running fairly quickly, making it a great route for testing and validating your solution with your audience. There are few things harder to watch than an incredible, ambitious founder over-developing an app idea that nobody actually wants to use. This results in tons of lost resources.

Launch your MVP quickly

As I mentioned in the previous point, validating your offering is a key reason that founders are looking to launch speedily. Say there’s an industry event coming up soon, and you want to get in on the action. Or you’re coming up at the end of the year, and you still haven’t met those revenue numbers. Whatever your reason, a no-code solution may give you the right balance of time for the outcome. 

Gain some hands-on experience

Then, if you decide that you want to work with a custom application development company, you’ll be able to sit in the passenger seat instead of riding blind in the back.

Serve a controlled audience

Controlled audiences can include groups like on-site employees, contractors, and customers, as well as other groups like partners and resellers. A no-code solution might be ideal in these types of scenarios because you’re dealing with fewer variables and use cases, meaning your application can afford a more simple development process without the bells and whistles that custom code can provide.

Avoid overkilling with custom code

In some cases, custom code is flat-out unnecessary. There. I said it. This is typically true of situations where a product’s level of technical complexity is fairly low, with low integration requirements.

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