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Strengthen Your Vision

When it comes to software development, most product owners have amazing ideas but little tech background. That means you’ve got an incredible vision of where the product is headed and how it should work from the user experience perspective, but little understanding of all the twists, turns and complications that’ll manifest on our way there.

Darren Clark

Darren Clark

Dazlab Founder

“There’s a huge knowledge deficit between people who want software built and those that build the software. Which means that those that write software end up dictating the entire process, leaving an unbalanced relationship — and a lot at stake. Dazlab goes beyond building what you think you need. We protect, validate and support you along the way — which means we ask the right questions, predict your needs and problems, and explain exactly what we want to do and why, so you can make informed, smart decisions with your investment.”


Simplify the Process

Dazlab is more than a product development lab. We work collaboratively to realize your vision, while working through all the complicated tech stuff that gets in the way.

What you get is an incredible, effective product you can be proud of – and your customers will be excited to use.

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At Dazlab, we’ve been both creators and developers. We’ve built hundreds of products for clients, but we’ve also built many for ourselves. By being on both ends of the spectrum, we know what idea makers want and we know what developers need to make the entire process streamlined, stress-free and efficient.

Build a software


Got an idea?

Let’s make it real. Dream it, build it and launch it with confidence that you’re going to get exactly what your customers need.

Pivot a software


Got a product that needs some work?

Let’s diagnose your problems and start working on those solutions.

Integrate a software


Got a product that needs expansion?

Let’s figure out how we can integrate new tech into your existing framework.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Our Projects



Ben came to us with a primitive piece of software and a very complicated idea.

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Diana, founder of Keywell, came to us as a start up, with a well-thought out design and customer experience.

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Brad came to us with a buggy app and a vision, he wanted a digital solution for health practitioners.

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