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Dazlab Product Platform Health Check

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Launching a digital product is one thing, but
knowing if you can build on it is another…

Software Internal Roadblock

Are constant internal
roadblocks preventing
you from delivering
results for customers?

Appication Roadmap Cost

Can’t accurately
estimate your roadmap
costs and where
investor’s money will be spent?

Error-free digital solutions

Unknown issues keep coming up
time and time again?
Can’t release error-free
releases fast enough?

Plan and invest with confidence

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Know thy platforms

Get a panoramic snapshot of every platform across your business. We’ll dig into which systems are connected – web platforms, databases, CRMs, CMSs, analytics tools, support systems, payment providers, and more – then identify what’s working and where you could improve.

Digital Product Platforms
Assess Data frameworks

Assess Data frameworks

Know your MongoDB from your SQL? We do. We’ll review your unstructured and structured data frameworks behind your database to identify performance challenges, scaling limitations, and referential integrity issues. Then we’ll make recommendations for improvements.

Review code strength

If your developers disappeared tomorrow, how long would it take to get new ones up to speed? We assess how well-written, functional, structured, and documented your existing co de is, that way you have an accurate understanding of how your code fits into your future plans and you know whether you can scale on.

Review Code Analysis and Strength
Application Development Gauge future feature

Gauge future feature fit

Understand how your existing code will cooperate with planned future features. We look into existing features’ unit tests, documentation, and code quality, so you know how those features will work alongside any new developments.

Test your infrastructure

Gain an accurate snapshot of your product’s robustness. Know if it is performing to the best of its capability and whether it can keep performing as you scale. Our infrastructure audit will show you how effectively your product’s infrastructure is hosted and secured from unwanted threats.

Network Stystem Infrastructure Testing
Product Software Process Review

Review your processes

We dive into how you do things, assessing development workflows, code integrity, rollback capability, automation, and security. We’ll formalize existing processes that are working and make recommendations for those that need upgrading or implementing. And we’ll document it all in a way that even the least techy person in your business can understand.

Beef up security

In fast-scaling businesses, security is often overlooked. We’ll weigh up your existing security and make recommendations so your server, database, code, permissions, and processes keep you, your systems and your customers’ information secure.

Secure Code Software
Digital Solutions Metrics

Know your metrics

Metrics tell you if you’re on the right path or whether it’s time to pivot. But your metrics are only as good as their data and insights.

We dig into whether you’re collecting the right data to accurately gauge how your business is tracking – whether that’s through traffic, paid monitoring, user behaviour, marketing, or something else. We’ll even identify any data you should store for future use.

Delivered in a single, concise report

Your product audit identifies key insights and recommends how your
product can improve. It’s focussed on making your product’s tech…

Visible report


so the information is open and understandable by everyone – developers, product managers, and investor.

Stable Digital Platform


so your business can operate with the confidence your platforms, infrastructure and processes won’t collapse. The information is open and understandable by everyone — developers, product managers, and investors.

Scalable Digital Software


so every part of your platform is ready to adapt and you can accurately estimate future project scope.

Tech and Product Audit

What’s in the report?



A 360 view of all platforms that are used over the entire business.



An outline of your database structure that highlights important details, like performance and integrity issues.

Code Review

Code Review

Insights into the health of your code and where it can improve.

Future Features

Future Features

An in-depth analysis of existing features’ implementation, to resolve capability for future changes.



Visuals of your existing product infrastructure and your ideal product infrastructure.



Formalizes and documents existing processes and recommendations for improvements and new processes.



Identify existing vulnerabilities and make recommendations for future security needs.



Documents the in-play metrics systems, assess their strength, and highlight areas for improvement.

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