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Build, pivot or integrate your digital products with Dazlab

Build a software


Got an idea?

Let’s make it real. Dream it, build it and launch it with confidence that you’re going to get exactly what your customers need.

Pivot a software


Got a product that needs some work?

Let’s diagnose your problems and start working on those solutions.

Integrate a software


Got a product that needs expansion?

Let’s figure out how we can integrate new tech into your existing framework.

Building Digital Products

Build + Launch

So you’ve dreamed up your idea and are ready to get building.

Let us work with you to:

  • Clearly identify the problem you’re trying to fix and how your solution will fill that gap
  • Build a roadmap, and design that functions solve your customers problems easily + effectively
  • Build lean, uncomplicated technology without all the bells and whistles you don’t actually need
  • Create a sustainable product you’ll be able to adapt and change as your product grows

Pivot + Iterate

So you have a product that needs work. We’ll give you an objective perspective on where you’re at including:

  • Addressing the problems you’re facing and how they got there
  • Audit and review your code for problems, quality and potential fixes
  • Make sure you have control over your product from a code perspective
  • Craft a roadmap to implement our findings from reengineering and refactoring, or re-platforming and rebuilding
Digital Product Existing Issues
Expand your Business

Expand + Integrate

Ready to expand your existing product? We’ll explore your options and validate your vision with:

  • Ideas for new features
  • Examining platform integrations to create a more complete solution
  • Build out a blueprint for future success from technical planning, coding, and designing a launch plan

How We Work

A digital product isn’t just the stuff you can see on the surface. At Dazlab we prioritize all five pillars that turn business ideas into reality:
Purpose, Product, Partnerships, Platforms + Pricing.

Product Methodology Product Dazlab 5p


We look at what your business is trying to achieve and design products that fit your needs and goals efficiently + effectively.

Product Methodology Purpose Dazlab 5p


A good product knows its goals, the problem it solves, and who its customers are. We start with these questions first.

Digital Product Development
Product Methodology Partnership Dazlab 5p


We explore valuable third-party partnerships that maximize your products reach and impact when they hit the market.

Product Methodology Pricing Dazlab 5p


Whether it’s a SaaS model, per-transaction, or added value through customer services, we know how to validate pricing that customers respond to.

Product Methodology Pricing Dazlab 5p


We find the best and most cost-effective platforms for your product to grow your business — whether it’s built from scratch or third-party integration.

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