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Ben came to us with a primitive piece of software and a very complicated idea.

His vision was a safety and compliance web app for golf courses and field managers to essentially track and record their procedures, to reduce health and legal risks. He’d originally engaged a freelancer to build out the software. Every time a new function was introduced, an old piece of code would break. It was very un-user friendly – and in the end, he couldn’t launch his project.

The Work


First, we audited what was there to see what was salvageable, working our way through the customer experience


We refactored (instead of starting from scratch) and built out an entirely new design for Toolbox.


Because there were a lot of business requirements, we spent a lot of time getting creative.

The challenge was aligning the business requirements with the software requirements in terms of what was originally there, and what was missing.


We were able to launch a user-friendly, well functioning app

The product performed all the function his clients wanted and allowed room for expansion.


We then found him a tech manager + developer, and helped onboard his new internal team to manage the product

Work Sans


We started working with Ben 3 years ago and Dazlab still remains his go-to for tech advice and strategy. The platform now has over 50 features and hundreds of clients amidst an international expansion to the US and Canada.

Ben Gibson

Ben Gibson

CEO at The Toolbox Team

Daz’s intuition when it comes to complex digital problem solving is second to none. His team’s ability to listen to our challenges and needs and then guide us through the development of a fantastic solution for our clients has changed The Toolbox Team forever. In a complex and fast-moving tech environment, Daz and his team ensured our needs were at the forefront of their development process and I could not be happier with our end result. The platform is now being used by thousands across many countries. Thanks Daz!

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